Which Keywords Are Best: Wide or Deep?

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When trying to rank for a keyword, most people focus on a wide strategy. Which Keywords Are Best

This means that they try to rank for as many variations of the keyword as possible. Others, on the other hand, opt for the deep strategy. volume keyword search level of competition

This strategy is about optimizing a page for only one or two keywords. On the surface, you might think that a wide strategy would be better than a deep strategy. marketing budget

However, there are also advantages to using both strategies when trying to rank for keywords in Google Ads. people search for the blog posts using the keyword tool

Here are some pros and cons of each strategy and how you can use them together to maximize your ranking potential for keywords in Google Ads. long tail keywords

Which Keywords Are Best: Wide or Deep?

The Wide strategy

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Wide strategy

Webinars and other low-cost content, including local, can be an advantage in establishing an anchor link and also in ensuring your ads appear at the top of Google’s search results for a particular keyword.

This strategy also allows you to rank for the keyword in Google’s broad search results without having to pay a lot of money to attract more targeted traffic. a free tool that checks potential customers

Deep strategy

With the deep strategy, you also focus on building links, but it is not as straightforward to attract links on your own. search engine optimization SEO

If you are not careful, your links can be rejected by Google’s algorithmic system. list of keyword research tools

Additionally, getting links on your own is not an easy task. It is more likely that your company will have to pay for them to get them added to a site that is competing for those links. high volume keyword phrases

Which Keywords Are Best

The Deep strategy

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The deep strategy is more consistent.

Google gives a ranking boost for searches that are close together on a page. keywords your competitors

This means that your keywords can be ranked very high on your site even if you don’t rank for them on other sites. The deep strategy is more direct. The more direct your ranking strategy is for your keywords, the higher your rankings will be.

This strategy is also easier to implement than a wide strategy. create content for web page


The deep strategy can be more complex. A deep strategy requires a bit more work to implement than a broad strategy. You will have to create multiple variations for each of your keywords.

For each variation, you will also have to write in alternate headings and titles. The deep strategy can be riskier. keyword competition for target audience

Which Keywords Are Best

Wide and Deep Strategy Combo

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Pros of the Wide Strategy Content One of the biggest advantages of having a wide strategy is that you can have a fully optimized content page for every possible keyword variation.

Just look at how many pages Google has on how to grow your business. Google has pages that dive deep into the subject for a specific keyword.

However, it also has pages that cover just one keyword to rank for it. By optimizing a content page, you can have multiple pages where you have multiple variations of your keyword.

Besides having a multi-page content page, you also have the advantage of having rich content that has high-quality images and detailed descriptions of how you’re different from the competition.

This means that the content is optimized for every variation of your keyword.

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