Types of Commercial Keywords: What You Need To Know

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In order to succeed in the online market, you need an effective keyword strategy. Types of Commercial Keywords

Keywords are a necessary ingredient for any successful SEO campaign. They also help direct traffic to your website by appearing on search engine results pages and on social media sites. informational keywords on a blog post

Your website must have an accurate set of keywords that are relevant to the content of your site.

If you use the wrong keywords, it can lead to a lack of visibility on search engine result pages and customer dissatisfaction. marketing strategies

Take a look at these types of commercial keywords for more information about how they work and which ones are best for you. search volume and search query


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Keywords for a good introduction can be chosen according to relevance, relevancy, and the importance of the topic. You can choose a keyword such as “start free” to point towards a frequently asked question or keyword phrase. create content about a specific product

  • This is particularly useful if you are part of content collaboration. user search intent and keyword intent
  • Features are very closely linked to the focus of your website. high commercial intent
  • They focus on providing the most useful information. content marketing
  • Use the keywords “travel,” “adventure,” “travel hacks,” to point towards your travel blog or the travel information page on your website. potential buyers

Share This: 12 Tips For Successful SEO & PPC Search Engine Optimization SEO is based on the premise that you have to be the first to include a relevant keyword and generate strong web traffic for your online business. conversion rate

Types of Commercial Keywords

Different Types of Commercial Keywords

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Dumbbell Keywords

These are the lowest priority keywords.

These types of keywords are common and you should use them if you can, but not if you want to stand out from the crowd. content strategy: buy now keywords

Indeed, your site will be seen more if you offer higher quality. So, a lot of those dumb buzzwords about freebies or coupons won’t do much for you, if you’re offering something people want.

Product Keywords

This is your go-to for landing pages. You want to use products or services as keywords.

For example, if you run a cooking blog, you could say “commercial bakeshop uses whole grain flour” in the content. Then, “commercial bakeshop offers a special discount code for friends and family.”

This illustrates that the people who are searching that you offer the same quality and have something special for them. buyer intent for potential customers

Types of Commercial Keywords

Branding keywords

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When you build your website, you want to be sure that your customers are able to find you easily.

So, you want to make sure that your keywords include a combination of your brand’s name, your logo, your company name, and your website address.

However, if your brand name is unique, it’s not a keyword. Instead, use descriptive words that will provide more information about your product.

Product keywords

If you sell a service, you need to ensure that your keywords are a description of what your service does.

For example, if you’re a restaurant, your keywords should include “fast food”, “real deal”, “delicious”, “topless,” or any similar descriptor. Defining terms Using these and similar terms and phrases are the best way to include terms specific to your industry. highly competitive keywords ideas

Product-based keywords

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These are the type of keywords that you will find most frequently used by product manufacturers.

This is the best type of keyword to use when selling a product online.

If you sell a lot of physical products such as clothing or kitchen appliances, your keywords should be related to the products you sell. However, if you sell a lot of online services such as legal services or home improvement, you can use product keywords that are relevant to what you sell.

Service-based keywords

These are the type of keywords that you will see frequently used by online service providers. For an instance, You may find these keywords on your competitor’s sites, but you should take advantage of this opportunity to increase your visibility.

Location-based keywords

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Location-based keywords are those keywords that are specific to a location.

For example, let’s say you are a cake decorating service. then, you might decide to name your company “pink cake shop”.

You also need to consider the target audience you’re targeting.

If you have a small-town business and the majority of your clientele is female, you might choose to use “pink cake shop” as your keyword. It’s always advisable to make the word “business” your keyword if your business is a successful one.

Paid search is the process of finding keywords through paid advertising. For instance, if you are a funeral director and you find a keyword through Google Ads, you can then click the link and purchase the ad space. You will then display your keywords on search results pages. keyword planner

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