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4 Simple Yet Effective Tips on Keyword Research

You’re creating content, but you’re not sure what topic to write? You’re not sure how people are searching for your niche? You have no idea what people are looking for? That’s where keyword research comes in. Keyword research is one step in the content marketing process. It’s important to know what people are searching for so you can create content that satisfies people’s needs. The following are four simple and effective SEO Tips on keyword research that will help you get started.

Tips on Keyword Research

1. Determine keywords used by your prospects

Keyword Research
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It’s essential to know your keywords for your niche before you start keyword research. These will help you decide which phrases will work best for your website and to focus your time. To do this, you need to learn about the way your prospects talk about your niche. Use Google AdWords to find keywords that relate to your topic, like dental hygienist jobs. You can also use tools like Google Trends or The Keyword Tool to find SEO keywords related to your niche. If you have a website, then you’ll want to do a content audit. Is your website using relevant keywords? Take a look at your competitor’s website. Is your site the same? Are you taking advantage of available opportunities to create content that will increase conversions? You can also check these other research tools, 10 Free Keyword Research Tools.

Tips on Keyword Research

2. Study contents your prospects consume

Tips on Keyword Research
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One of the most effective ways to figure out what your prospects want to read is to follow the path they take to get there. What’s your prospect reading? Are they searching online for your product or service? You can usually figure out what people are reading based on where they go when they’re looking for information. Are they spending time on a specific website, forum, or blog? Are they reading reviews or interacting with other users? By following your prospect’s path to knowledge, you can learn a lot about what they want to read. You can then use this information to find relevant and helpful articles that will give them the information they’re looking for. For example, I started writing about email marketing as part of a series I created for content marketers.

Tips on Keyword Research

3. Remember that keywords evolve over time

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When you research keywords, you want to keep in mind the importance of not using keywords that are less relevant than what you’re creating. For instance, if you sell motor oil, you should research words like “motor oil” and “oil” for search terms like “motors, oil” and “oil engine” to make sure that your content is relevant and useful. Using “motor oil” isn’t a good idea. You’ll want to use the words “gasoline” and “oil” instead. You should also remember that language changes over time. If you read a book in 1968 and then go back to it again in 2018, the words may be different. You need to study keywords and tips on keyword research the same way you study books. If you notice a change, it means that the words have been updated and will result in different keywords.

Tips on Keyword Research

4. Benefits of Keyword Research

Tips on Keyword Research
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Lastly, Every marketer should be doing some keyword research. The problem is that so many people overlook its benefits. Here are just a few of the most overlooked benefits of keyword research:

  • The amount of traffic you can receive from keyword research.
  • What your competitors are ranking for?
  • Which search terms are bringing in the most customers?
  • Why you should do keyword research?

Let’s start with the benefits you should consider when doing keyword research:

  • The amount of traffic you can receive from keyword research. 
  • Building a good reputation and driving conversions to your website is important. However, if you don’t rank for the right keywords, people will avoid your site.

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