The Origins of Google Adwords: The Creation and Inception of a $2 Billion Business

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The Origins of Google Adwords are a tale of a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, and single-minded devotion to excellence. history of Google AdWords

It all began back in 1996 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin were graduate students at Stanford University. The two students saw the potential for the internet to provide access to information. It could be searched with unprecedented speed and scope. google ads: paid ads, expanded text ads

However, they also knew that much of this information was still hidden behind paywalls. Or sometimes, hard to find through word of mouth. only displayed quality score keyword bid

They wanted to create an online database called “Goole”. It is a play on the word ‘googol’ that would allow users to search all of the world’s information; but how? 20 years after google launches

What is Google Adwords?

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According to Gartner, Google Adwords is a tool that helps websites advertise to specific audiences. It can be by creating an impression that is most likely to buy their products and services. 2000 google analytics

At a basic level, it allows companies to pay a fixed amount to advertise a specific keyword on their site. The more people searching for a keyword that your site is advertising, the more money you receive for each click. paid search: pay per click or cost per click CPC

Its advantage is giving the consumer a direct way of knowing how a website will perform in attracting prospective customers. In addition, it creates a quantifiable method for companies to measure the success of their marketing campaign. And also to allocate their funds more effectively. display ad on landing page

The Beginning of a $2 Billion Business

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Their idea was picked up by David Fischer, their neighbor, who was the chairman of “Yahoo!” at the time. Soon, Fischer, had the Google founders pitching the idea of setting up an “ad agency” to help manage. The Google founders went back to Stanford to finish their degrees.

Meanwhile, David Fischer returned to work for “Yahoo!” and pitched his idea to the company, who eventually gave him $100 million in exchange for 15% of the company. With this initial injection of cash, and with Adwords being accepted by 75% of the online population, the Googlers decided it was time to find an ambitious CEO. advertising platform and campaign types

The Origins of Google Adwords

How Google Adwords Works

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The two discussed the idea with their professor and they figured that they would need a keyword for the project. And that keyword would be the beginning of a URL. They selected the term “flowers” and created a page that showed different pictures of flowers in a gallery format.

Visitors would be able to search for individual pictures and see the associated keywords. This was a breakthrough for search engines because it allowed users to search through a large amount of information quickly.

Today, the Google search engine is one of the most successful search engines ever created. When the “Flowers” project was completed, Larry and Sergey immediately knew that this project was far more successful than the project that they were working on at Stanford.

The Origins of Google Adwords

How Does Google Adwords Work in the Real World?

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At first, the idea was just a thought and the two students started working on it on their own time. At the time they were not sure how the project would turn out and doubted that there would be a market for their idea.

However, over time they noticed that the few companies that were paying for this service were beginning to receive a positive response. These few companies were now seeing a rapid increase in the number of hits and clicks they received for their company-specific keywords.

People are impressed and the business venture officially became a co-operative. It was a work-for-hire endeavor but the founding partners each owned 25% of the business.

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