Setting Up Your YouTube Channel

Always wanted to create you own YouTube channel? Not sure where to start? You are on the right track. In this post we will talk about ways on how to set up your own YouTube Channel!

To start of:

Choose Your Channel Topic

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Good channel topic attracts your ideal audience. You can create a relatable topic an audience can relate to. In all honesty, a relatable topic makes people keep coming back.

Create your YouTube Channel

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No YouTube channel yet? Maybe it’s time to get one started. Additionally, you should opt to add your channel’s general subject so that individuals know what your channel is about.

 Brand Your YouTube Channel

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Make sure you make the most for branding. You may not know how big of an impact that is, but branding is important. It lets the viewer know that the YouTube material is yours at a glance and that on your channel they will find more of it. In short, make an effort on your branding. It can take you places.

Have and Stick to a Posting Plan

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Having a plan for posting could help you to easily plan contents for your videos. As a matter of fact, you must need to give high-quality contents.

Optimize the SEO of Your YouTube Channel

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In finding videos, people intended to search for keywords. Let alone, a successful SEO includes optimizing your channel and videos that hit those keywords.

In addition, always choose a keyword. These keywords include the video title, definition, as well as tags, for your video.

Get your Equipment Ready

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You can use your smartphone as a starter equipment for your channel.

Conversely, be mindful that you should put effort into the quality of your videos to get viewers and subscribers.

Set a Location

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Have you planned out where to shoot? Whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors, location is one of the important aspects in creating a YouTube channel.

That being said, make sure chosen location has a good lighting and nice-looking backdrops for good quality videos.

Pro-tip #1: Natural light, such as sunlight, is always a great tool. It’s pretty, it’s free.

Pro-tip#2: Maximize the “golden hour”. Typically these hours are one hour after the sun rises and an hour before it sets.

Create a Trailer for Your Channel

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Subsequently, make sure to welcome the viewers and/or subscribers to your channel. Not to mention telling your viewers about your channel and what your channel is all about. Most importantly, make sure you completely focus on your channel’s topic.

In fact, for your first video, make sure you introduce yourself. Furthermore, adding some interesting stories about yourself may not hurt.

Under whatever circumstances, do not forget to remind them to support your channel by hitting the subscribe button.

Learn to Design Thumbnails That Get Clicks

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Next, make sure to have an engaging thumbnail to catch the attention of the potential viewer. There are free online application tools you can search or download that can help you in creating one.

Promote your Channel

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As a final point, promoting your YouTube channel on your Social Media platforms regularly isn’t a bad idea. It will encourage them to become your channel’s subscribers. With this in mind, sharing your YouTube Channel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media platforms, let people know whenever you are uploading a video.

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