Local Ads by Google: Where Should Digital Marketers Spend Ads Budget?

Adword is a powerful tool for digital marketers. AdWords‘ considered the most influential, trusted, and popular platform that reaches consumers and generates leads. It is an advertising platform that lets advertisers with a Google account enter a variety of text, image, video, and interactive ads for placement on Google local ads and its partner websites. Subsequently, text ads are the most popular and affordable option. They are the default ad type that reaches the widest audience and can be created at any time. Google Ads can also feature your business on local search ads. Google Shopping is a new ad type that allows advertisers to show ads on Google Shopping, search results pages, and the Google Display Network. Which one should you use?

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The Benefits of Spending with Shopping Ads

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Flexibility as shown by our recent study, when executing a full campaign for a client, there are two main options:

Since they have the advantage of being widely adopted and very flexible, we’d recommend using them as the default. You can then focus on optimizing your other properties, like multi-label or interest-based ads, for better results. In the case of multi-label/multi-model ads, you can either start with a broader set of items that could be purchased for each intent or start with individual items and then find opportunities to expand based on user actions.

Generate Sales or Leads with Text Ads

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Generating sales or leads with text ads Google Shopping can be quite costly but also very powerful. It can help brands make sales with little investment.

Which Local Ads Should a Brand Spend Money?

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If you’re new to Google Shopping, there are many areas that advertisers can target and drive traffic to. The average Google ad costs $75. There are two ad slots per listing, and each one shows one of those million products. In addition, you can only show ads for one product in a single niche. To get an ad at the top of your search results page, you will need to spend $1,000 on ads that cost at least $750. In this case, the company paid $75 for one ad slot, and therefore, will pay $1,000 for that same ad slot. There is a minimum spend of $75 to show a single ad. However, you can charge more than the minimum amount to get a higher ad position and a higher traffic rate. Another type of ad that you can show on Google is a “segment ad.

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