5 Google Ads Properties You Didn’t Know Existed

I’ll keep this blog post short and sweet because I know you’ve got a million things to do. Plus, I don’t want to overwhelm you with a bunch of jargon. google ads lets users advertise on which properties

I’ve been managing Google Ads campaigns for years and I’ve noticed that people usually think they know everything there is to know about Google Ads. But the truth is, there are a lot of Google Ads properties that people don’t know about.

Google Ads Properties You Didn’t Know Existed

Unfortunately, they don’t get a lot of exposure. I’ve noticed that the majority of the content you’ll find on the internet in regards to Google Ads comes from Google itself. If you search “Google AdWords Tips,” you’ll see how Google describes the 10 most important things you should know about Google Ads. shopping ads can appear on

The following Google Ads properties aren’t on that list. But, I hope you’ll find them useful. match type

Instead of me talking your ear off, here are some resources that will answer these questions. What I’ve just written in these posts is a shortcut version of what you can learn. how to use google shopping

AdWords Editor google ads lets users advertise on which properties

how do google shopping ads work
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You may know about this Google Ads property but it might not have as much value to you as other properties. If you have a mobile display campaign, for example, you may think that AdWords Editor is a mobile interface on your computer. It isn’t. defined in google analytics

AdWords Editor is basically a WordPress plugin that lets you edit and manage your Google AdWords campaigns from your web browser. If you have a website, that may be all the traffic you need. But for some, it might not be.

AdWords Viewer isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it’s definitely an important tool for Google AdWords managers. If you’ve already got an AdWords manager setup, you might not be aware that you can use AdWords Viewer to see your entire campaign dashboard step-by-step. www.googlemerchandisestore.com will count

Campaign Settings google ads lets users advertise on which properties

google ads lets users advertise on which properties
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AdWords has over 50,000 possible campaigns, and each of them has different settings. There’s almost nothing about AdWords that you’ll ever need to remember, but there are a handful of settings you’ll need to know about.

How’d you like to have the same settings for every campaign you manage? Yes, this is possible, and no, you’re not the only one who does this. You need to make sure you follow these simple steps to make sure every Google Ads campaign has the same settings. how do google shopping ads work

  • Get started by clicking on “Manage Your Campaign” and select your account. how to use google shopping
  • Then scroll down and click on Settings.
  • Under the “Settings” tab, click on Advertisation Plan.
  • Make sure all the settings are identical for every campaign.

Conversion Tracking google ads lets users advertise on which properties

shopping ads can appear on
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You can get conversion tracking for Google Ads campaigns and track how many people bought from you after they landed on your ads. Here are a few Google Ads properties that can help you get Conversion Tracking: Google Ads, Analytics (Google Analytics Plugin), Real-Time bidding, Google Ads Audience Network, Google Attribution Lead Generation. Google merchandise store sets

For example, it is possible to target people in a particular geographic area in Google Ads. Now that you know all about the Google Ads properties that can help you gain Conversion Tracking, let’s get to work!

Site visitor tracking helps you keep track of the people who view your ads but don’t buy anything. You can use site visitor tracking for one reason: You want to get sales for your site.

Ad Campaign Experiments

google ads lets users advertise on which properties
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Experiments are super important for A/B testing and A/B split testing. When I say experiment, you are testing a variation of the original ad and seeing what works.

They are often used for targeting, image tweaking, and advertising budget management. They are available on all platforms, so you can test them on mobile, desktop, and even in AdWords. Here’s a handy Google Ads cheat sheet that will make you a pro at Ad Experimentations! shopping ads can appear on

Adware Removal Tool – It’s a relief that people don’t use adware and pop-up ads to get your attention. They can bring unwanted clutter to your website and can also crash your browser. However, when you click on them they can force you to visit dubious websites that contain malware or fake ads.


Google Ads has grown up to be one of the largest and most competitive markets. Not only do we compete with Google’s ad tech products, but we also have a ton of ad networks from which to choose.

Keep in mind, you can still be effective in a competitive space even if you don’t have Google’s newest products. There are tons of solid Google Ads properties you can get to know in a month so jump on this list and find out what you can do with it. how do google shopping ads work

BONUS: How To Use Google’s Properties To Build A Remarketing Campaign

Remarketing Campaigns
image source: Digital Vidya

You’re probably already using Google’s properties to advertise your products, but you might not be taking full advantage of its capabilities. When it comes to marketing, it’s all about what you’re able to measure.

That’s why remarketing campaigns are so great. You’re able to look at what advertising is working, what isn’t, and what you might want to change. But you might not be taking full advantage of remarketing campaigns.

Here are four tips for maximizing your advertising efforts with Google’s properties. remarketing can show relevant ads on which google properties

Google’s properties can help you identify what works

 view filters are applied in what order
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Simply put, remarketing is using the same ads that show up in your organic search results, but with a new audience. It’s also a great way to identify what people didn’t click on when they were looking at your website. remarketing audience

By analyzing which ads don’t generate the results you want, you can make adjustments to your campaigns to re-engage audiences that are either going elsewhere or not interested. dynamic remarketing

Use Google Analytics to see what people are clicking on. You already know that tracking what people are doing on your website is important, and remarketing campaigns can help you keep tabs on which ads work best. retail vertical

Google Analytics also helps you see which ads are most effective for your target audience. You can make adjustments to your advertising to reach more people more efficiently. analytics account

How to use remarketing for your business

google ads lets users advertise on which properties
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With Google Ads, you have access to a huge amount of traffic from online search engines, but it can be tricky to make the most of this. To help you, here are some tips on how to take full advantage of your Google Ads:

  • Track everything Google’s dashboard is a gold mine for effective, yet inexpensive advertising. Set up a URL
  • Real-time data is essential to any remarketing campaign. URL goal of thankyou
  • The data can help you stay on top of any changes in your marketing strategy and budget, as well as your website’s ranking in search engines. Count as goals

A good example is Google’s practice of testing Google Search Ads, particularly for mobile. You can tell what clicks to budget based on these ad testing results. You’ll need to be extra sure to accurately forecast and budget your marketing efforts. www.googlemerchandisestore.com will co pages on www.googlemerchandisestore.com

How to measure your advertising efforts

google ads lets users advertise on which properties
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It’s easy to get caught up in the spiel of “graphic ads with tracking pixels on your website are great for tracking and conversion” without thinking about the impact that it has on your bottom line.

The best way to start is to understand how much Google is paying for your traffic. If you know how much money you’re paying per click (CPC), you’ll know whether you’re making money or not.

For example, how much is a $4.99 product worth to Google? If you’re paying $0.04 for every click, that’s $1.80 spent on your online store. $4.99 spent means $0.04 * $4.99 = $1.80

Next, calculate how much you’re spending per conversion. If you’re charging $25 per conversion, you’re making $2.00 each time someone takes a product from your store. Don’t forget about shipping and handling.

How to maximize your advertising efforts with Google’s properties

Make sure your ad listings aren’t missing key ingredients. When Google shows an ad, it is based on what it can see from your search engine results. It will display different ads for different sites if they don’t comply with Google’s system.

If the ad that runs on your site does not show up, it’s because you haven’t implemented the right listing information. If it isn’t showing up because of mistakes on your part, that’s also not something you want to be missing out on. view filters are applied in what order

Take the time to make sure your ads are properly listed and ensure that your ads’ wording is concise. Audiences can be defined so you should be targeting them with your ads, and make sure they make sense for the product you’re selling.


In this article, we’ve discussed some of the best tools for social media marketing, and how you can use them to create more profit in your business.

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