Google Ad Under Review For A Week? Here’s What That Means

What does Google Ad Under Review For A Week mean? Google is the most popular search engine in the world and the world’s most visited website. So, if you’re not seeing ads, you’re missing out on some prime exposure.

But what happens when your ad is under review? Is it because the ad is ineffective or offensive? Or is it because there is a problem with your account? review and approval

Here’s what you should know about what it means when your ad is under review for a week. Google Adwords ad

What is under review?

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Under review is Google’s term for reviewing your ad for one week before deciding if they want to run it. The primary reason they’re doing this is that Google receives millions of ads and they need time to look at them. This process is automated and happens in the background without your input. existing ad network, ad group

The only way for you to get it to stop is to contact Google. How long does it take? existing approved ads

Typically, under review means your ad will be under review for one week. But this will vary based on the type of ad you have and the brand/company you represent. content of your ad review process

If your ad has no nudity, explicit language, or other prohibited content, it typically takes less than a day. But, as noted above, it will vary. Google Adwords account under review.

Why is my ad under review?

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The term under review refers to Google’s automated review system. You may get an email notification that the Google Adwords account is under review and Google will want to take a look at it. However, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Google Adwords account under review

If your ad has been in review for more than seven days, it will be deleted from Google’s automated system. For AdWords campaigns, Google will refund your placement and bid. This is because of the costs involved with removing the ad, monitoring and maintaining the ad, and other services. review most ads within one business day

Some applications (for instance, the application used to upload or schedule the ad) will remain in review indefinitely. While your ad is under review, Google will not allow you to use your keyword phrase in the ad.

What can I do to fix my ad?

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Well, if you see that Google is not showing your ads, there’s nothing you can do except wait for a while. google s ads

“We are investigating reports that your Ad is showing an Unavailable ad. Your ad is not blocked and the account shows ads in the usual order,” Google states on its Ad ID abuse page. google ads account

Google Ads under review for a long time. However, there are ways to try to fix the problem. The good news is that some ad reordering techniques like Google’s Web Designer will help fix the problem.

If you click the picture to the left you will see a Google web-design tutorial with a ton of great ideas to help make your ad appear. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix your account. You can also make sure your account is secure. 

Here’s how to make sure your account is secure. Google Ads under review for a long time


As I described earlier, there are a few different reasons why your ad might be under review for a week. Your ad is no longer in compliance with Google’s rules and will be held for review. If the ad is no longer in compliance with Google’s advertising policy, then it is held for review. under review for a long time

This means that the ad is unlikely to be approved shortly and, therefore, that your business will be significantly diminished in the search results. The ad is now also in violation of Google’s rules.

If you’re advertising against Google’s mobile website, then Google will also review that ad for the same issue as the ad that is being held for review. That means that your business will likely lose a lot of business because of this. Google Ads

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