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10 Free Keyword Research Tools

It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to keyword research. But not to mention, keyword research can be time-consuming and boring. To make your keyword research a little easier, here is the list of 10 free keyword research tools that aren’t Google Keyword Planner. So, if you’re looking for a new keyword tool to help you with your research, this one’s for you!

Google Trends

free keyword research tool
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This free tool is for pretty much everyone. Here, you can search for the company name, product name, or keyword phrase. It pictures the corresponding search keyword’s popularity. Then you’ll be taken to a detailed report of the number of searches that have occurred since your keyword was added. The “custom score” is a top-level score (out of 100) that shows how useful the search term is to people (70 is very, very useful). The analytics section of Google Trends can show you things like keyword shares on social media or what people are searching for that are related to your keywords.

Keyword Generator

best keyword research tool for YouTube
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KW Labs, LLC, offers a keyword research tool called ‘KW!’ This tool lets you choose a list of 100 of the most common target keyword phrases for your industry. Then, you’re asked to enter the product name, the keyword phrase, and how many people you’re looking to reach. This tool then spits out a list of keyword phrases that target your product and its target audience.

Aside from that, it also provides the Keyword Difficulty (KD) score of the top ten words on the list. Also, this KD score will help you know the ranking difficulty. Hence, it only means that there would be more backlinks to rank if your score is higher.

Free keyword research tools

Keyword Sheeter

Keyword Sheeter
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This free keyword research tool is the best for you if you wish to quickly produce multiple keyword ideas. It will then provide you with around a thousand ideas per minute. You can also download the list for free after. 

However, the disadvantage of Keyword Sheeter is that this tool is a bit basic. Thus, it does not group the keywords and there is no trends data or search volume shown.

Answer the Public

best keyword research tool for YouTube
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Looking for question-type suggestions? Answer the Public is one of the most popular tools to use. Answer The Public is also one of the free keyword research tools that helps you rank your site in search engines quickly and efficiently. It finds questions, alphabetical, comparisons, prepositions,  and other related searches. You can start using this by entering your “seed keyword”.

In addition, this tool is free to use for 8 months. However, during that time, you have the ability to save as much as you want. You can download Answer The Public for free and use it on up to 2 domains. Once you’ve completed your research, you can transport the findings to Google Docs

Free keyword research tools

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer
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Keyword Surfer is a free extension that displays the estimated global search volumes for any question or topic you entered in Google.

Currently, this tool displays local search volume estimates for multiple countries like the United States, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. You also have a choice to turn on or off the global search volumes.


free keyword research tools: Extract keywords
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Another distinctive tool is Keyworddit. This tool draws keyword ideas from Reddit. You will just need to type in a subreddit. After that, it will show you the comments and titles of threads to find more than 500 keywords.

Keyworddit is a great starting point if you are not familiar with a niche. For example, if you need to work on a blog about a certain topic that you do not know, this tool will pull all the ideas related to it.  It will also inform them about the language they use to describe such a topic.

Other than the ideas, it also pulls the estimated volumes for every keyword. And give you an idea of each subtopic’s popularity.

Free keyword research tools

Google Search Console

free keyword research tool
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Google Search Console assists you in tracking the presence and usability of your website in organic search. This means it displays plenty of data about the ranked keywords. 

Search Console tools and reports can help you measure the Search traffic and performance of the site.  Aside from that, it can also be a big help in fixing issues and making your site on top of the Google Search results.


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For years, Questiondb has been a great go-to tool for keyword research. This tool will help you find keyword ideas, test them with readers and analyze the results. Want to use Questiondb to learn more about new keyword ideas? Check out the comprehensive guide on how to use this tool. 

In Questiondb, questions are sorted by popularity, but there is also an option to sort them by topic. This is a useful feature because it groups questions automatically. You can really save more time using this tool.

Free keyword research tools

Bulk Keyword Generator

Bulk Keyword
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A bulk keyword tool allows you to save keywords for future use. It’s a good tool if you’re trying to collect a list of generic keywords that may apply to all your content. 

It’s a free keyword research tool used for most local SEO. A list of keywords can be generated using this tool based on industry type.

You can just follow these easy steps in using this tool:

  • Select a business type. There is already a list shown in the dropdown and you can just choose one from the list. 
  • A list of keywords related to the product or services you offer will be shown. 
  • The tool will then provide you the list of keywords of your selected product or service including the location. 

Free keyword research tools


free keyword research tool

Last but not the least, Google. It is the most obvious keyword research tool. It is perhaps the most famous keyword research tool of all. Google can help you find the most popular keywords and related search terms related to your website. This can help you identify which keywords you should start your marketing campaign on. 

There’s also the autocomplete feature that helps you generate limitless keyword ideas. But it’s just the starting point when it comes to researching keywords using Google.

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