10 Best YouTube SEO Keyword Tools

Starting to learn about YouTube? SEO? Keyword? YouTube SEO Keyword? Figured you might need some tools to help you? Here is a list of our Top 10 Best YouTube SEO Keyword Tools we gathered:

YouTube Autocomplete

When you start to search for something on YouTube, you’ll probably notice that YouTube suggests some keywords to finish your search. This is called autocomplete. It works by suggesting the most popular keywords that start with the letters you’ve typed so far. What it is essentially saying is that those are the most frequently searched for terms that use the words you’ve already typed.

This means it’s a great place to start building your keywords! Also a fantastic YouTube keyword tool for your videos. Just start your search for your video (e.g. shoes for…) and see what comes up. In this case, we can see that the most popular keywords are ‘girls’, ‘men’, ‘kids’, ‘summer’ and ‘boys’.


Without doubt, this is one of the most powerful YouTube keyword tools out there. Ranking hundreds of keywords by popularity. It captures data from YouTube autocomplete and allows you to create lists of keywords from that data. As well as autocomplete data, you can also search for questions people are asking. Which makes it highly beneficial as a YouTube SEO tool.

The downside to this particular tool is that it’s fairly limited on the free version. Upgrading to Pro Basic will give you almost double the keyword results and will let you compare the volume of searches made for those terms too. However, this will set you back around $68 a year, so it’s going to be something of an investment if you go for it.

SEO Chat

SEO Chat is an amazing SEO free tool that can generate keyword ideas from Google, Amazon, Bing and YouTube. You can search for keywords from all of those sources or can just search YouTube alone to find your keyword lists. You’ll need a ‘seed’ keyword, such as ‘shoes’, ‘make up’ or ‘marketing’, and then organizes results alphabetically with other letters following your seed keyword.

Simply scrolling through the results is going to give you loads of ideas for keywords and possibly content too. The tool also allows you to further expand your results by selecting a keyword and running ‘part two’ of the process, which expands those phrases even further. Your chosen keywords can be exported from the software, ready for use in your YouTube SEO Keyword tool.

Gather keywords from your competitor

Find your nearest competitors’ high traffic keywords. Pick a channel that is around your size, and steer clear of huge channels. Sort videos by ‘most popular’ to see which got the most views. Take a look at the title and description of videos to find proven keywords.

These are hidden on YouTube but are easily seen using the page’s HTML. Simply right-click on the page and select ‘view source’ to see the full HTML. It’s easy to search using your search function (press ctrl + f on Windows or ⌘ + f in iOS) to the search box.

If ploughing through HTML sounds somewhat taxing, there is a handy YouTube SEO tool you can use to display the tags on page. It’s called TubeBuddy and is a Chrome extension which you’ll find in the Chrome store for free.

Keyword Tool Dominator

It’s got a grand name, but it’s actually really easy to use. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to YouTube keyword research. Pop in your seed keywords and the Dominator will produce a list of relevant keywords related to those terms. You can then select the most useful and download them to your device.

The drawback with this is that you can only perform three searches a day on the free version. Perhaps that’s enough for you to begin with, but if you want to upgrade to the unlimited version, which will also give you search volumes, it’s a one-off fee of $39.99.


For getting more data on specific keywords, Ubersuggest from the SEO guru is Neil Patel is one of the best tools out there. As well as showing search volume and competition, you can see other information such as cost per click and the seasonality of the keyword. It’s free to use with no limitations at all, so is well worth checking out.

We would highly recommend investigating Google Trends as part of your YouTube keyword research, as it is powerful, accurate and, best of all, free! The options let you narrow down the trend results to just YouTube searches, which is great for gaining insights to your search terms. You can narrow down the results to a specific country too, helping you to gain insight into what your target demographic is currently interested in.

Google Trends


VidIQ is one of very few research tools that have a function for YouTube built in. There is a complicated subscription process to go through if you want to upgrade from the free version. The free version is OK for new users, but for in depth analytics you’re going to want the paid version.

Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg is a powerful YouTube keyword research tool. Data is drawn from a variety of data sources including Wikipedia, Alibaba, Playstore, and more. There is a strict limit on what you can do before you pay.


Use this tool to find YouTube keywords free to use. This tool can also give you suggestions on long-tail keywords in every field. For searching more than one keyword, remember to separate them with comma. You also can select a country and language when searching a YouTube keyword.

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