Add User to Google Ads: A Complete Guide

Adding users to Google Ads can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Thus this complete guide will help you understand how to add users, what they do, and the different types of users available. Moreover, I added a BONUS User Permissions section at the end. add a user to google ads

How to add a user?

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1. Sign in with your Google Account user access

  • Go to Google Ads and log in. request access to email address
  • Select Sign-In in the top menu and click. select account access
  • Create an account. account numbers cancel invitations
  • Select to use a Google Account for signing in. google ads manager accounts
  • Google will ask you to authorize it as a third-party account to use the Google Ads service.
  • Click to confirm your account and enter your credentials. click send invitation to accept the invitation

2. Log into Google Analytics

  • Go to Dashboard > Behavior > Add Google Accounts. granted access
  • You will be prompted to select Google Ads on the next screen. user management
  • If you do not see a user interface, scroll to the bottom of the page. sharing access
  • This will allow you to register a new user interface. run reports

3. Finally, select all and click on Create. read only access level

  • Your new user interface will appear on the dashboard as shown below.
  • Click “Done” at the top to get back to the dashboard

Add user to Google Ads

What are users in Google Ads?

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In short, users are one of the most important components of an AdWords campaign. In addition to seeing the kind of people that are viewing the campaign, they also help your campaign run smoothly, monitor user activity and help you improve the performance of your campaign. 

Moreover, to really make the most of a user, you need to know how to set up a user that best fits your campaign’s needs. Therefore, using the tips and tricks you learn here, you can ensure you have a user profile that works best for your campaign. add user to google adwords

In addition, adding Users to Google Ads I’ll assume that you already know how to install Google Ads. The only additional step is downloading the Google Ads Manager and following the prompts to get your user profile. Then, Go to your AdWords Account and click “Pricing”. how to manage google ads

What Do Users Do?

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Every Google ad product has its own user, or campaign manager, if you want to be formal about it. 

For Google Analytics, these are customers, for AdWords, these are customers, etc. For Google Ads, users are the campaigns. how to manage google ads

A campaign is a collection of related campaigns with similar goals, the user is a person you want to target on each campaign. At the end of each campaign, there are different types of users you can choose from, these are created by the ad manager. There are some specific restrictions on the type of user you can choose to target. 

Below is a list of the most common user types you can use on your campaigns.

  • Create and Integrate a Custom Campaign – The first thing you need to do is create a new custom campaign.
  • Choose your keywords and preview them. How to access my Google AdWords account

What Are the Different Types of Users?

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When we refer to users, we usually refer to people that have accounts on our sites. For Instance, this includes Google Analytics accounts, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hence, one of the reasons Google decided to move their Ads over to Google Platforms is to create a large number of options for people to monetize their website. One of those options is to manage ads on a paid basis.  

So if you’re running a blog or an E-commerce site, it’s time to consider using Google Ads. But what are the different types of users we can add to Google Ads?

The Ad Categories, are the broad categories that we can add users to. These ad categories are likely to have more available users than the standard User Profile. If you’re running an E-commerce site, add these types of users to your list.

User Permissions

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Basic and Simple Permissions: Basic users can change the color of your app in the Ads Manager.

Advanced Permissions: Advanced users can actually make the ads appear in the app or show how far along the user is in the app. This section will be sorted by type of users. how to access my google adwords account

User Permissions: (Groups) This is a section that a lot of people don’t understand when they first start working with Google Ads.

What are groups? A user is an individual that has one or more contacts.

For example, I have a client with 100 users that can be: 1 – Jennifer, 2 – Jennifer’s mother, 3 – Jennifer’s mother’s husband. These are all the same users and can all share the same contacts. While users are one specific user, a group is a group of users that can be used together.


To recap, here are the steps we went through: Create a Google AdWords account using your Google Account Email. Find an AdSense account. Complete the steps. add user to google adwords

How To Add Users To Google Ads? The Complete Guide To Adding Users To Google Ads is a breeze with AdWords and you’ll feel confident and comfortable from the start. And by using different types of users, you can reach out to target different audiences.

So, are you ready to start using users to target your advertising? What are you waiting for? Create a new campaign using users and follow the steps on adding users to your ad campaigns.

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